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No I’m serious. What the fuck is that thing and why isn’t your bed a racecar? 

I was not inviiiiiiiiiiited?

Bring some marshmallows, man. This guys tryin’ to feed me something he calls flank steak but I’m pretty sure it isn’t cooked.

This is the best thing. My three favorite blogs in one place <3 Please, by all means continue this awesome.

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sassymamaingo replied to your post: Wouldn’t swimming in a pool full of money give you a hell of a lot of papercuts?

considering money is made out of cotton and not paper, this is a really dumb ask

There are no dumb asks. Just stupid babies.

Well, sorry that I’ve gotten a paper cut from ‘cloth’ money before :/

Guess I’m just that fragile.

Delicate little ladies shouldn’t handle money. Leave it to the manly men like me! I’ll  hold all your money for you.

That must be why he wears gloves.

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